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Sep 19 '14
Stöj Snak - Chronology Theme (Chronology Original Soundtrack)
Sep 19 '14

the grasp of a true and only friendship. the one to die for


the grasp of a true and only friendship. the one to die for

Sep 15 '14

so fucking  hard to move through life and see that the general rule “not every lesbian is a feminist and not every feminist is a lesbian” is absolutely true. just some personal feel. 

but generally speaking.. is there ever gonna be a time in this wretched world when people of any kind and sort will get that neither females or males have to be anything they are not just because is “has to be like that and it always has” or whatever other moronic reason they come up with.

so tired of this. so unbelievably tired of the overload of conformity, stereotyping and labeling as well and tragic inevitability of all these

Sep 15 '14
Sep 10 '14
Sep 8 '14

How the Transphobia Starts or Sunday Night Out

Transphobia starts when you decide that it’s fine to hang with a transgender girl -  because why not, we are all people, we all civil right - she hits on you real hard and you, out of a great respect and endless kindness tolerate all her mild “hitting” (even though you have kinda obviously showed much greater interest towards her cisgender female friend). Transphobia starts when she pulls you to the dance floor and forcefully drags you towards a pole with some help of all her male friends (despite all your physical and verbal protests). It starts when you escape that, decide to go back after an hour or so, to just chill and dance with your friends and she makes her way towards you and the first thing she does is firmly grabs your breast. It also starts when you hit her hand real hard for that, push it away and she hits you back. 

You know.

Maybe these are all bad reasons. 

But one of the reasons why a massive number of people in LGB community discriminates against transgender people is because for many cissexual gay people it is a gesture of self-protection. I identify as a cisgender female who wants to be with a cisgender female, and when a trans girl hits on me… that just won’t pass. Yes, it is mean, but really, that just won’t slide! A great amount of physiology is involved too, actually, what are you gonna do.

Same for many gay guys, they can totally fall for a feminine cissexual guy, but not a trans man.

So it is understandable that a natural behavior for me is to avoid any interaction with a source of distress and try to exclude it from my surroundings to the greatest extent. 

On the other hand, I really do understand that NOT ALL trans people are this obnoxious and not all of them are gay and not this, and not that. That is why I don’t develop hatred, I don’t develop a need to discriminate.

All I am saying is that… Kinda random but…

Have some fucking respect for an individual’s private space bitches, seriously! Who the hell told that cunt she can grab my body wherever she wants all of a sudden, when coming out of nowhere! For goodness sakes!!

Sep 7 '14





This is going on my tumblr again.

every october

and some of the months in-between

I get it…

when the one ghost turns his head AWW HAHABAHABH<3

Sep 7 '14
Sep 3 '14


i never share my personal stuff here but today i have experienced the Stendhal Syndrome

it was the most beautiful feeling in the world. nothing by far has ever came close to that.

im done

have a good one

Aug 29 '14
"Here’s a general rule. When an insult is directed at a woman, consider how it would have sounded directed at a man. If the result is ridiculous, then it’s probably sexist."